Abstract submission for Joint Meeting: Cytokines 2022 & ILC4
(and Interferon Lambda 2022 Satellite)

Abstract Submission was open through 9 May 2022. Delegates were invited to submit abstracts to present their work as an Oral Presentation, Lightning Talk or Poster and iPoster presentation (which includes an embedded Lightning Talk), for consideration by the Scientific Committee.  Now all the abstracts have been reviewed and those accepted for presentation are included in the Preliminary Program, please click here to access the interactive online program and view accepted presentations as they have been scheduled into the program.

Final ILC4 Poster Session Categories:

  1. ILC Development and Trajectories
  2. ILC Tissue Niches
  3. ILC1s and NK cells
  4. ILC2s
  5. ILC3s
  6. Central and Peripheral Nervous System and ILCs
  7. ILCs and Metabolism
  8. ILCs and Cancer
  9. ILCs and Inflammatory Diseases
  10. Human ILCs
  11. ILCs as Therapeutics

Abstract presenters can participate in the meeting virtually or in person as this will be a Hybrid Meeting and will include both live participation and access as well as an integrated Cytokines 2022/ILC4 Virtual Meeting Platform. However, the 5 minute Lightning Talks will only be presented by in-person attendees, although they will also be live-streamed to the virtual participants.

In-person Poster Sessions will be using the traditional boards and each presenter will be assigned a poster in their session for the full 90 minutes. The in-person poster presenters will also be required to submit their poster through the iPoster platform so they are accessible to our virtual participants (which can either be a pdf upload or using the iPoster templates for more in-depth information). Our interactive iPoster platform will make it easy for authors to create presentations that bring their research to life – whether presented virtually online or live onsite in Hawaii, including:

  • Schedule video chat room discussions at multiple times and dates.
  • Unlimited text and multimedia content.
  • Upload high resolution images, high definition videos, and GIF’s.
  • Audio tools for adding oral presentations and other sound files.
  • Add simulations, visualizations, and sonifications.
  • Include links to external websites for viewing original source materials and other contextual content and other dynamic content.

Congratulations to the ILC4 Student/Postdoc Travel Award Winners:

Congratulations to the top ranking Student/Postdoc 1st author abstract presentations for ILC4 abstract topics. These Trainee Travel Awards are sponsored by a generous grant from Sandler Asthma Basic Research Center (SABRE Center) at UCSF, USA.

Click here to view the ILC4 Student/Postdoc Travel Award winners.

Meeting Organization & Support Teams

MCI Suisse SA is the official meeting organizer to process registrations, abstract management.

Cytokines 2022 c/o MCI Suisse SA

9 Rue de Pré-Bouvier 1242, Satigny, Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 33 99 524 [email protected]

International Cytokine & Interferon Society (ICIS)

ILC4 is organized under the auspices of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society (ICIS). For information about Awards, Sponsorship or Exhibition, please contact ICIS Managing Director, Joan Oefner: [email protected]
or visit the ICIS website www.cytokinesociety.org

Telephone: 1-800-947-1960

WhatsApp: +49 171-1049-181